Internet Safety

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Web Wise Kids is a nonprofit organization located in Southern California. Since 2002, Web Wise Kids has been committed to teaching children and their caregivers strategies for safe Internet use, including methods of detecting and deterring online predators



The adult lap and shoulder belts won’t properly fit most children under 4 feet 9 inches tall. Test all children underage 13 to be sure they are big enough to safely wear the adult safety belt without a booster seat:

a. Have the child sit all the way back on thevehicle seat. See if the knees bend at the seat edge. If they bend naturally, move onto the next step. If they do not, return to the booster seat.

b. Buckle the lap and shoulder belts. Be sure the lap belt lies on the upper legs or hips. If it stays on the upperlegs or thighs, move onto the next step. If it does not, return to the booster seat.

c. Be sure the shoulder belt lies on the shoulder or collarbone. If it lies on the shoulder move onto the next step. If it is on the face or neck, return to the booster seat. DO NOT place the shoulder belt under the arm or behind the child’s back.

d. Be sure your child can maintain that correct seating position for as long as you are in the car. If your child begins to slouch or shift positions so the safety belt contacts the face, neck, or stomach, return your child to the booster seat until all the test steps can be met.

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