What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools that operate independently from local public school systems and therefore have greater flexibility in implementing state-of-the-art educational philosophies and curricula exness. By law, charter schools in the state of Georgia must be not-for-profit organizations and cannot be of a religious nature.

Why a Charter School?

A charter school empowers the community to provide innovative educational opportunities to its children. It promotes parent involvement in the most straightforward way: by giving parents and guardians direct say in the substantive issues affecting their child's education exness thailand.

How is the Neighborhood Charter School unique?

NCS was conceived and planned by a group of concerned parents, community members, and educators that believe in public education and are confident that a well-designed and well-managed charter school will allow children from diverse communities such as ours to flourish. NCS will be unique in that we will:

  • Base our curricula on a "constructivist" educational philosophy. Constructivism honors children by acknowledging that they learn best by interacting with materials and people rather than through the passive transfer of information from books or teachers exness th.
  • Involve the entire community in the education of our children. More than just parents matter; our school is the responsibility of all community members and all interested members will be welcome participants in the education process.
  • Have a dynamic partnership with Zoo Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta is one of Atlanta's in-town treasures. We have developed a unique partnership with the zoo and will be collaborating with their renowned educational department to develop curricula for NCS that integrates conservation and environmental themes.

What is "constructivism" and how is it different than traditional educational practices?

Constructivism is based on the premise that students learn by doing and that activities should be relevant, varied, and encourage active participation. Educational research has made it very clear that traditional didactic teaching is not the most effective method. In a Constructivist classroom, there should be:

Less Emphasis More Emphasis
Activities that demonstrate and verify Activities that investigate and analyze
Getting an answer Process involved in reaching a conclusion
Memorizing facts Conceptual understandings

Click here to read more about constructivism.

Who does NCS serve?

NCS is a K - 5 public elementary school serving approximately 360 students. There is no tuition and no entrance criteria, other than the student living with in the NCS attendance zone. The primary attendance zone for NCS encompasses the neighborhoods of Grant Park, Ormewood Park, and North Ormewood Park. If space is available, students living elsewhere within the NPU-W (e.g., Woodland Hills, East Atlanta, Boulevard Height, Benteen, and McDonough/Guice) will be eligible to attend. These in town neighborhoods reflect diversity in ethnic and racial backgrounds, economic status, and family structure.

Who teaches at NCS?

The instructional staff are certified teachers. In addition, NCS will, when appropriate, utilize instructors who are non-certified but who bring relevant skills, experience and enthusiasm to instruction. However, the percentage of instruction given by non-certified staff will not exceed 10% of the total instruction time.

Who runs NCS?

NCS is run by a Governing Board that consists of parents, teachers, community members, a representative from Zoo Atlanta, and the principal of NCS. The Governing Board will hire the Principal, and the Principal, in turn, will take the lead on making all decisions regarding NCS, in consultation with the Governing Board.

How do I register my children at NCS?

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Where is NCS located?

NCS is located in the historic Slaton Elementary School building on Grant Street in the neighborhood of Grant Park, near downtown Atlanta. Built in 1906, this beautiful building is one of the oldest in the Atlanta Public Schools' system.

How can I get involved?

* Attend meetings.
* Join a committee. Many Committees and Sub-Committees are looking for motivated and interested parents and community members to join their ranks. Committees and Sub-Committees include: Development, Parent, Teacher and Child Association (PTCA), Library, Diversity, Community Partnerships, Parent & Family
Involvement (Click here to view the PandFI Frequently Asked Questions.), Student Learning, School Climate, Student Dress, Communications, Fine Arts, Finance, Personnel, Special Events, Facilities, Grounds, and Technology.
* Support NCS. Contributions to NCS are tax deductible. There are also many fun fund-raising events planned over the next year. Find out more....

How can I get more information on NCS?

Contact Margaret Jones , Interim Principal and Executive Director, at 404.624.6226

Neighborhood Charter School, Inc. 688 Grant Street • Atlanta, Georgia 30315 info@neighborhoodcharter.com