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Neighborhood Charter School

After School Program 2008-2009


Register for After School Care

After School Care is $12 per day, $18 per day for two students.

There’s still time to get a discount.   Prepayment for the year is only $1800 for one student ($10 per day) or $2700 for two students ($15 per day) exness

Payment must be received by August 31.

GENERAL PROGRAM POLICIES                                                                                                           

Please note that the program closes promptly at 6:00pm.  A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged starting at 6:01pm.  The official clock is the clock at the front desk.  Late pick-up fees will be charged to your account.  After three incidents of late pick-up, the fees increase to $3.00 per minute. Excessive late pick-ups may result in a student not being allowed to attend the after school program.

The staff to child ratio is 1:15. Children must be able to function appropriately in a 1:15 counselor: child ratio.  Repeated discipline problems will result in a student not being allowed to participate in the after school program.

NCS provides an area for the children to place their belongings.  We strongly recommend that children do not bring any toys, electronic equipment, games, unless specifically requested for an activity.  There is also a lost & found area to claim items left at the school exness thailand.

Children may not attend After School Program if they are ill.  Arrangements must be made for immediate pick-up if you are called.

Please keep staff informed of any changes in information and update on any significant changes at home that might affect your child.

If medication needs to be distributed, please contact the NCS Principal so arrangements can be made.

Pictures of participants may be taken periodically as part of the ongoing program.  You have given permission for your child to be photographed and/or videotaped. 


The cost of the after school program is $60.00 /week or $12.00/day. Each  additional child/$6.00 a day.

Checks, cash and money orders may be used for payment for the after school program.

Payment of weekly After School Program is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Payments are due on the Friday prior to the week of attendance.  Balances in excess of two weeks' tuition may result in a student not being allowed to attend the after school program.   Arrangements for payment and/or reduced fees may be made with the Principal should circumstances arise. However, these arrangements must be made prior to the two week deadline.

If an emergency arises and a child needs to participate in the after school program for a day, the parent / legal guardian needs to notify the principal of that situation. Payment for the day is due the day of participation.

If a check is returned for insufficient funds the parent / guardian will be notified immediately and a replacement of an alternative form of payment is to be made within two days.  Reoccurring payment difficulties may result in a student not being allowed to attend the after school program exness th

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